sexting tricksTurn Up the Heat with These Hot Sexting Tips

Casual hookup sites and dating websites are a great way to meet new people or to find a hot date for Friday night. It can be a fun and exciting way of dating, but if you don’t know how to keep up a conversation, you could be in trouble. Particularly since so many people access dating websites through their mobile devices, it is important to be good at sexting so that you can stand out from the others, and successfully grab someone’s attention through enticement and seduction. Sexy conversation topics can make a big difference for getting more out of casual hookup sites and attracting more dates. Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to say, but if you can learn some sexting tricks, it can make it much easier to be dating online. It is important to have the sexting skills that are necessary for keeping someone’s attention and building interest in you. If you only use one or two word responses, then your conversation will be flat and probably won’t go anywhere. This guide was written to help share a few sexting skills so that you can get better at dating online.

Sexting Tricks to Help You Succeed On Dating Websites

The following is a list of some of the best sexting tricks that will help you make the most out of dating online. If you can learn to incorporate some of these sex dating tips into your dating skillsets, you will be much more likely to succeed.

Don’t Go Straight to Sex

Although it is called sexting, starting off your conversation at level 10 is not going to go over too well. You need to be a little playful and learn how to tease with some sexy conversation topics. If you can slowly build up to something more, the payoff will be far more satisfying and it will be far more exciting of a process. Try starting with some comments that hint towards something sexy, and slowly up the level each time you get a good response. This will help you escalate the situation so that things start to get hot, and you will have the other person thinking about you constantly.

Avoid the Dreaded Dick Pics

Listen, all guys have dicks. Some are smaller, some are bigger, but all of them are not meant to be sent in pictures via text. Particularly if it is within five minutes of starting a sexting conversation, you should never jump straight to the dick pic. It’s not like the dick pic is some sort of magical text that will get a woman drooling over you. In fact, she will probably react with a bit of repulsion, especially if she is not in the mood for seeing one. It is almost always wiser to avoid sending a dick pic at all times. The only time that an exception should be made is if she specifically asks for one, or if you have properly escalated your sexting conversation to the point where it seems like the next move. If you give it all away at the beginning, why would they keep coming back?

Have a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor can go a long way for making the most out of your sexy conversation topics. There are so many guys out there dating online, but a guy with a good sense of humor will stick out from the nameless masses. It is also a good way to be playful with your sexting partner, and if you can make someone smile, they will love you for that. However, don’t overdo it with the humor. It is best to find the perfect mix between off-handed humor and moments of sincerity. This will help let them know that although you can tell a joke, you don’t think that your relationship is a joke as well.

Keep the Conversation Moving

If you want to have a sexy conversation, it is important to keep things moving and escalating as much as possible. If it takes more than 5 minutes between responses, it is more than likely that your sexting partner will lose interest faster than that. Try to keep a lively pace with your conversation, and you will find it much easier to keep their attention. This will also make the conversation more fun and keep things interesting. So don’t wait next time you get a message. Act quickly, and take it as an opportunity to start something that can get her worked up.