Hollywood Break Up

There are several reasons why these stars are facing such break ups. Recently we’ve seen high profile marriages like that of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger which has led many psychiatrists to determine and examine the root cause of relationships to end in such a volatile way. In fact, most celebrities go through horrific and high profile divorces that can be mentally and physically exhaustive. There has been a list made of the things that need to be followed not just by the stars but also everyone in order to ensure longevity of the relationship:

  • Do not barge into your partner’s space. Everyone needs space and if you keep cornering them they will feel claustrophobic which does not make either one of you happy.
  • Do not let your partner spend too much on you. Learn to control these indulgences. You need to assert your independence. It is great to get gifts once in a while but never frequently.
  • Do not dominate. You are not a parent in the relationship but an equal and hence you must both lead each other.
  • Do not isolate yourself from the other person. Communicate with your partner. This is the way relationships blossom.
  • Do not dedicate all your time to your partner. Develop your own interests and indulge in them. It is healthy to have boundaries.
  • Do not ignore your partner in need. Have the emotional maturity to understand your partner’s needs and help him or her accordingly.
  • Do not sacrifice your social life for your relationship. It is very important for you to have friends outside the relationship and the same goes for your partner. This helps in keeping a healthy balance.
  • Do not hesitate in being honest. No relationship survives on lies. So be honest and speak your mind when you need to. But do not be harsh. Use logic.
  • Do not make a scene. Fights are a part of relationships. No matter how intense the issue is, do not lose your self composure and create scenes. This will only make matters worse.
  • Do not embarrass your partner in front of his or her friends. Learn to know what to say during different social situations.

If these can be followed, there might a happier ending seen in Hollywood just like it is portrayed in most movies.